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‘Delivery of excellence is a result of a harmonised endeavour’

RBA is a project management company specialising in the delivery of Super Prime Residential and Pharmaceutical Developments.

Concentrated in London and the South East of England, our experience spans 20 years with project values ranging from £250,000 to well over £100m.

Commanding and chartering a professional team through the sometimes challenging development process demands leadership, knowledge, experience and a relentless attention to detail together with a firm understanding of team dynamics. RBA concentrate resources on a limited number of projects at any one time, selected for their challenges, quality, scope and unique demands. Thus Clients who engage RBA can be reassured that the principal resource will remain constant; involved throughout the life of their project, ensuring knowledge, service delivery and high standards never diminish.

Our range of services include:

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Project Management

At RBA we work with our clients to take projects from conception through to completion. In all cases we source and field the best professional teams, contractors, specialist tradesmen and craftsmen to deliver projects within budget and to an agreed timeline with fastidious quality. We are experienced in all phases of the Project Management process, from Initiation and Planning through to Execution, Control, Monitoring and Closure.

Informing and earning the trust of Clients and that of the project team remain at the very heart of our approach. We recognise the importance of maintaining excellent communications throughout the team and with our clients, ensuring our project components work seamlessly and in the clients best interests, to achieve and exceed agreed goals and objectives.

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Development Advice & Consultation

Providing sound advice and opinion on development opportunities in the Super Prime Residential market requires a wealth of experience and knowledge. RBA's expertise extends from initial Development Appraisals, Market Reports and Analysis, to ongoing project development, concept design and development, Planning Appraisals, Local Authority liaison and cost planning and management of the entire build process.

We appoint the best consultants, select the best contractor and provide the best procurement advice. Our innate knowledge and experience enable us to achieve the best GDV from your property and identify the best marketing opportunities.

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Development Management and Turnkey Solutions

Alongside the full range of Development Management services RBA provide Turnkey Solutions when required.

We have first-hand experience of working directly with discerning private clients and their families, often with complex arrangements. Understanding how the family live and function on a day-to-day basis is crucial to planning and programming their project and addressing every detail with complete transparency. Besides excellent communication skills, engaging the best resources is a prerequisite in providing Turnkey Solutions. RBA have forged strategic partnerships in all sectors of the Super Prime Residential refurbishment and development sector, from world renowned Architects to Master Craftsmen and suppliers. Each are recruited with common principals in mind, focusing on team excellence and delivering quality to a timely and exemplary standard.

RBA’s longstanding relationships include:

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Specialist Consultancy

With over 20 years experience in Super Prime Residential development, as well as the Commercial, Retail and Leisure sectors, RBA are able to provide specialist consultancy services to private clients, organisations, major funding bodies and their advisors and agents.

Early involvement is an advantage but we are frequently requested to resolve problematic issues on ongoing part built developments to achieve client goals and expectations. Our extensive Management experience enables us to resolve most, if not all, issues that may arise, including advice and input on mediations and adjudications when necessary and appropriate.

Services that are frequently engaged include:

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Pharmaceutical Developments

Pharmaceutical developments are unique, complex and very demanding; characteristics shared with Super Prime Developments. RBA have contributed to the successful delivery of two major pharmaceutical development schemes within the last 7 years. We have played a major role in financial aspects and in representing the Client’s best interests.

Schemes are often close to or in excess of £100m and projects of this scale demand the full emersion of RBA into the team, ensuring complete understanding, control and transparency in the decision-making process. Our close relationships with organisations has resulted in RBA possessing an acute awareness of a company's requirements, objectives and behaviours; this has lead to continuing engagements.

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The following projects represent some of the more recent work in which RBA has played a leading role. We are able to provide client references where appropriate and necessary.

Super Prime Residencial:


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